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Two other stories followed quickly:

Dubliners after the race essays

Many of these stories share a reoccurring theme of a character’s desire to escape his or her responsibilities in regards to his relationship with his, job, money situation, and social status; this theme is most prevalent in After the Race, Counterparts, and The Dead....

Dubliners - "After the Race" Summary & Analysis

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In "Grace," the fourteenth, a man's four friends stage an intervention after he injures himself one boozy night. The fifteenth and final story follows a man stunned by his wife's memories of an adolescent romance after his aunts' annual holiday party, and it's quite possibly one of the most famous short stories of all time.

Dubliners by James Joyce - "After the Race" summary and analysis.

The Sisters, An Encounter and another story [Araby] which are stories of my childhood: The Boarding-House, After the Race and Eveline, which are stories of adolescence: The Clay, Counterparts, and A Painful Case which are stories of mature life: Ivy Day in the Committee Room, A Mother and the last story of the book [Grace] which are stories of public life in Dublin.

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