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"The Devil and Tom Walker" is one of the most famous short stories by American writer Washington Irving, though he's best known for "" (1819) and " (1820). "The Devil and Tom Walker" was first published in 1824 among a collection of short stories called "Tales of a Traveller," which he wrote Geoffrey Crayon, one of his pseudonyms. "The Devil and Tom Walker" appropriately appeared in a section called "Money-Diggers," as the tale chronicles the selfish choices of an exceptionally stingy man.

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published "The Devil and Tom Walker" in 1824 as part of his short story collection, "Tales of a Traveller." The story has been compared to the classic story of Faust, a scholar who makes deal with the devil. It was also the inspiration for the Steven Vincent Benet short story "The Devil and Daniel Webster." The story is a cautionary tale meant to show the evils of predatory loans and greed.

As such, the majority of his works contain elements consistent with Romantic ideals, including his short story The Devil and Tom Walker.

In the story, Tom sells his soul to "Old Scratch" in exchange for wealth. After his monetary wishes come true, Tom becomes very religious, but even that can't save him. The devil always gets his due. Religious hypocrisy and greed are the two largest themes in the story./p>

Two relatively recent versions of this legend are “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving and “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Vincent Benét.

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It is perhaps unsurprising that, given its dark subject, "The Devil and Tom Walker" sparked a fair amount of controversy, particularly among the religious population. Still, many consider it one of Irving's finest stories and an exemplary piece of narrative writing. In fact, Irving's piece triggered a rebirth of sorts for the Faustian tale. It is widely reported to have inspired Stephen Vincent Benet's "The Devil and Daniel Webster," which appeared in The Saturday Evening Post in 1936—more than a century after Irving's story came out.

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One day, while he is walking through the woods, Tom Walker comes across the Devil, who makes a deal with him to exchange his soul for the treasure that is buried in those woods....

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The story quickly introduces the theme of greed by mentioning a treasure buried just outside of Boston by Kidd the pirate. It is 1727, and the reader is introduced to New Englander Tom Walker—just the kind of man to jump at the prospect of a buried treasure.

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While walking in the forest, Tom Walker comes upon the devil, called by many names in this story including Old Man Scratch. Old Man Scratch tells Tom Walker about the treasure, saying he controls it but will give it to Tom for a price, to which Tom agrees without really considering what he's paying—his soul. The rest of the tale follows the twists and turns one might expect as a result of greed-driven decisions and dealmaking with the devil.

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In a larger sense however, Irving’s use of these literary elements goes beyond merely characterizing Tom Walker, as the entire story can be seen as an allegory critiquing society during the Industrial Revolution....