Role of the Nurse in Delegation of tasks

The learning scenarios on p. 7 provide exercises to use with new nurses to examine how to delegate.

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Delegation is a five-step process, as outlined below. First, as the nurse, determine how, where, and when assistance can be provided. Next, select an appropriate person. A discussion occurs wherein authority to complete the task is given from one person to another. The task is carried out under supervision. Finally, the delegation process is evaluated and feedback is given.

Develop a sequence of sentences to delegate a task to a nursing assistant.

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Editor’s note: Managers can share the information in this article with new nurses to help them with their delegation skills. The article is adapted from the new HCPro book Quick-E! Pro: Time Management: A Guide for Nurses. For more information, visit .

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5 rights of Delegation:
-The right task
-Under the right circumstances
-To the right person
-With the right directions and communication
-Under the right supervision and evaluation
What is Nursing Theory built upon?

Who retains accountability for tasks delegated?What are the 5 steps of the Nursing Process?

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Delegation is the process of distributing the workload in a topdown flow within an organization. Topic One Weapons of Mass Destruction Weapons of mass destruction WMDs include a wide range of arms that fall under the category of being nuclearbiologicalor radioactivechemical in nature. In these cases the RN is really assigning tasks rather than using professional judgment to match the staff members skills to patient needs.
My leadership style is quite necessary to my organizationbut has room for improvement. To the people of Paris who stormed the Bastillethe prison which was the symbol of the absolute monarchy which France had been suffering under for so long. RNs assure appropriate accountability by verifying that the receiving person accepts the delegation and accompanying responsibility RNsby virtue of their professional licensurehave the authority to transfer a selected nursing activity in a specific situation to a competent individual. Empowerment occurs when upperlevel employees share power with lowerlevel employees. Can delegation using the proper techniques in management help the controller in planningorganizingleadingand controlling the Finance Department at XYZ. The author begins this article by discussing of responsibilityaccountabilityand authority. As a preemptive noteCuba would like to express its gratitude in being invited to this Disarmament and International Security Committee session to discuss three pressing international issuesand hopes that in this session nations can work together quickly to pass a satisfactory and efficient resolution. I remember from the first meeting spot for my own delegation in PortlandOregon how I came to meet new people from all around the United States. When delegating in the militaryit is done in a slightly different manner which is not always the same as that of the civilian world. More uptodate thinking has given us much improved facilities on the aircraftand Crew Resource Management CRM. Wes Roberts The characteristics of a group are determined by its elements. Had partnering been used in the scenario at the beginning of the articlethe staff involved would have known each others needs and expectations and would have been able to coordinate their efforts more effectively. Wellthis seemed plausible after the summer I spent in SeoulKorea. RNs should always remember that the primary motivation in delegating tasks is to meet the health needs and improve health outcomes of clientsit must be consistent with the acceptable standards of nursing and the policy of the service providersthat the delegated task is based on appropriate planning and consultationdelegated tasks should only be accepted if the person to perform the ask is deemed competent after proper assessment by an authorized personnelthe RN should see to it that heshe is accountable not only for their decision to delegate but also in monitoring the delegated individuals standard of performance and that the activity delegated should presently be part of the RNs current role. Butso farit seems to have worked better than the others weve seen. It is the understanding of the geriatric patients needs at this point in time that would lead the RN to intentionally select the LPN with long term care experience. Delegation is a multifaceted skill set that begins with understanding ones state nurse practice act which outlines nursings legal responsibilityauthorityand accountability for patient care. Delegation is a multifaceted skill set that begins with understanding ones state nurse practice act which outlines nursings legal responsibilityauthorityand accountability for patient care. In doing this process as a manager you must 1 Identify the task that is to be accomplished2 Choose the right employee to complete the assignment3 give complete and concise directions4 The next step is to monitor the progress of the assignmentcheck back with your employees to see how things are going and to make sure deadlines are being kept. This could be demonstrated using different economicpolitical and military examples. Developing practice environments that foster students learning of delegation skills reinforces the authority of all RNs to delegate to LPNs and nursing assistants who may see the student as inexperienced. Perceived Degree of Planning 14 Towards Time Management by Supervisors 10. Direct care givers who work together consistently have been found to experience the following gains in the work setting a more knowledge about each others competence and continued growth in competence b increased commitment to each other and ability to deal with more complex situations and c increased efficiency in getting the work done through natural synergy. Critical thinkingor the practice of questioningis necessary so that practitioners integrate relevant information from various sourcesexamine assumptionsand identify relationships and patterns Parker Clare 2000 cited in UsherK HolmesC 2005. There are several options available to better manage time and allow a plan to be more effective throughout the day. Registered nurses have the right to clarifyvalidate and support their professional judgment when it disagrees with an employer or supervisors directionfacilitate resolution of disagreement with an employer or supervisor and help resolve disagreement whether it is appropriate to advance their practice through accepting a delegation QNC 2005c. The Dominion of Canada was not born out of nationalism or revolution. As new RNs enter professional practicethey need ongoing support and education to perfect this skill. In summarydelegation is a process wherein new RNs must be able to understand to avoid any professional legal dilemma that may arise due to ignorance. Australia governs the practice of registered nurses and midwives through published nursing and midwifery acts and that the ANFs purpose of publishing the guideline is to clarify the role and obligation of the RNs and midwives when delegating aspects of nursing and midwifery careguide RNs and midwives through the issues to be considered in delegating aspects of nursing and midwifery care and to clarify the role and obligations of employers in the delegation of aspects of nursing and midwifery care by nurses and midwives. The LPN or nursing assistant who works in a partnership with the RN knows that the RN will want a specific patient to ambulate and to achieve pain control by a certain time within a eight hour shift andor will need a particular piece of equipment or certain supplies at a certain time. In the past decaderesearch showed that in the process of education in some countriesgirls do better than boysthis problem was called a boys problem. Delegation decisions are sometimes made based on a list of tasks found in a job descriptionsuch as taking vital signsbathingor ambulating patients. Registered nurses should provide guidancesupportassistance and clinically focused supervisionensure that the person to whom the delegation is being made understands their accountability and is willing to accept the delegationthey should reflect on ones own practiceprovide competency assessment of the individual who will accept the delegated task and evaluate the outcome of the delegated task ANMC 2007 QNC 2005a.

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The two patients that the nursing assistant would work the closest with are Ms. Swanson and Mr. Black. They are the two most stable patients. Tasks for delegation: obtain vital signs, assist Mr. Black with elimination (offer urinal), and ambulate Ms. Swanson.