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People have always been stereotypical about math to Asians saying how all Asians are the best at math and stuff. I disagree but I have to say, math is my favorite subject academically. I don't always understand math but I try my best to. My math grades ever since school started for me has always been 90's and up. In high school, I expect nothing to change.

I consider myself okay at math. Math is my favorite subject because that seems to be the only thing useful for me in the future. My grades in math has always been the highest on my report card, and I won't deny it, I'm pretty proud of it. Throughout my school years, my math teachers have always been kind and patient to me because I don't always get stuff on the first try. They never gave up on me, and that's probably why I enjoy learning math.

I'd have to say the best times I encountered with math was in eighth grade when I was always one of the first people to complete math worksheets and receiving bonus points for that. Math worksheets improve my skills on math, A LOT. Another good experience would be how I would be one of the few people in my school to get 4's in the New York State math exams repeatedly, grade after grade. I don't have any trouble with math because I always ask questions if I don't understand it. As math gets more difficult, I hope my straight 90's will remain the same.

As a student, I want to maintain my good grades for math and keep my parents proud. I've heard from a lot of people that high school is a lot more different than middle school, and by that meaning, it's much more difficult. They say grades are often much lower than middle school since the topics we learn in high school is harder and more confusing. I'd do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. I'm looking forward to learning math from Ms. Deonarine.

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My Math Autobiography

For this paper I will be writing about my experiences with math. I will talk about my feelings about math, my good and bad math years, and what I expect from myself this year.

Math has always been a struggle for me because i don't really like math. I understand some subjects such as angles and many other but when it comes to algebra I struggle and don't understand anything and i will just go blank.

Some bad experiences are in the eighth grade where I was so desperate to pass a test and was caught cheating , It was the worst time in my life . My teachers didn't call my parents and just gave me warning.I was so surprised that they gave me a chance, from that point i tried my best to pass al my tests but i never got passed a 90 in all my math tests grades.

What i expect in this year is to pass all my tests and try my best to get over a ninety. I have confidence in my self that i will do good this year. i don't believe that i am a great math student because of my past years in school.I will try to do my best in this year and start strong and also end strong

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In this small essay I will be going over why I wold consider myself good at math, my good and bad experiences with math and what I will try to accomplish this year in math. Over all this is a math autobiography.

I do say I am good at math because I don't use shortcuts until I fully understand a concept. Also I enjoy being challenged in math it is fun to me. last would be because I can apply math to my every day life and make use of it. I probably get a love of math from my mom because she was always good a it and helped me learn when I was young but not so much now.

My strength in math would have to be in riddles and applying math to my life to better understand a concept because making connections is easy for me and has always helped me learn. My weakness in math is I can be slow to understand how to do something but once I understand it I will never have another problem with it ever.

this year I hope to learn more about math and simply get smarter. also stay in the high 80% or above for my grades.

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Math and I are like frenemies, we like each other depending on the topic and how it's being taught, we've fought a lot, more than get along. In my opinion I would't say I'm bad at math, just math and I aren't always on the same terms. I feel math and I would be able to first tolerate each other since I know this year I have a great motivator, Ms. Deonarine. She loves her job, and math itself, so I know that I will be encouraged to start to like the topic. Then by liking the topic once it's being taught the best way it can by breaking it down. Then loving when I start to understand and learn the topic.
I'll first start with bad experiences because in my opinion, I've had more bad experiences than good. Last year was the first time I have ever failed a subject, the subject of course being math. I feel last year I didn't motivate myself as much, or really cared to be quite honest. I had the mindset that I would be good with everything else, since I'm and A and B average, I thought math would follow suit...well it didn't. Once I failed the second semester I actually decided this was time to take it more seriously and to push myself the best way I could, but my math teacher at the time didn't exactly do the same. She was more of a, you need to get on board, or we'll leave you behind. By third semester I really picked up the pace, I had a C average, it wasn't the best grade but better than failing, closer to a B but never made it that far.
Good experiences, I wouldn't say I have many. Doing well on tests and quizzes are hard to come by. I can learn the assignment but when time comes for the test, I forget just about everything. Projects may go well sometimes, otherwise no I wouldn't say I have to many that I remember.
I know for sure I won't be able to give up if I try, I have a great motivator this year. What I love about the system, if the student isn't understanding the topic like the rest of class, she may move on with the class, but makes sure the student learns the topic before moving on as well. Even with a project if the student isn't ready, will give another assignment for the student to build up just as well as the class. I know that I will not fail, pray that I won't because I know fore sure Ms. Deonarine won't let me. I'm very excited. And when I need help I promise to seek for it, because I don't want to be failing math or any other class. I hope my bad math experiences can create new ones this year.