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The essay has to compare and contrast “There are two Americas” a speech by david simon, and the declaration of independence. I would appreciate if no outside sources were really used because this is supposed to be an in class writing .

David Simon Blondheim essay, 1922

David Simon Blondheim essay, 1922.

Speaking about “Homicide” by David Simon, it is necessary to point out that the book was written in 1991 and the following year it received the Edgar Award in the Best Fact Crime category which was a perfect evidence of the recognition of the book as a significant non-fiction work by critics. It should be said that the book was also positively perceived by the audience and the awards was really deserved by the author. In fact, it may be viewed as a logical award for the hard work of the author who spent 1988 in the Baltimore Police Department homicide squad. The author attempted to have a look from inside on the work of the Baltimore Police Department homicide squad in order to convey its work and professional life to his leaders. The choice of the author was quite interesting since traditionally police, especially homicide squads, do not like interference of civilians in their work since the presence of non-professionals can decrease the effectiveness of the performance of police departments. The latter is particularly important for homicide squad.

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At the same time, it is worthy of mention that the choice of the author is not occasional and, in fact, it was a rational and logical choice since the criminal situation and crime rates in the late 1980s increased substantially and the problem of growing rates of homicides represented a serious threat to the social stability, especially in urban areas. In such a situation, it is quite logical that David Simon focused on the work of the homicide squad which could help him better understand what kind of activities this squad was actually involved in and what was the real work of the police which he skillfully conveyed later in his non-fiction book.

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