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Inside cover of David Foster Wallace's annotated copy of Don DeLillo's . Harry Ransom Center.

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Inside cover of David Foster Wallace's annotated copy of  by Cormac McCarthy. Harry Ransom Center.

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"Infinite Jest: Reviews, Articles,and Miscellany"
by David Foster Wallace

October 13, 1997

"Of nothing but me I sing, lacking another song."

-- John Updike, , 1969

Mailer, Updike, Roth -- the Great Male Narcissists* who've dominated
postwar realist fiction are now in their senescence, and it must seem to
them no coincidence that the prospect of their own deaths appears
backlit by the approaching millennium and on-line predictions of the
death of the novel as we know it.

Inside cover of David Foster Wallace's annotated copy of Cynthia Ozick's . Harry Ransom Center.

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Inside cover of David Foster Wallace's annotated copy of Christina Stead's . Harry Ransom Center.