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Simple "Essayer" (to Try) French Verb Conjugations

It's a good idea to add a few more basic conjugations of tomber to your vocabulary. Each has their own use and will only increase your French fluency.

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, for example, implies uncertainty to the act of falling. is used when the act is dependent on conditions. Both and are found in formal French writing.

You might find it easier to memorize these conjugations if you practice them in context. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to do so with a verb like tomber. An interesting expression you may like is and it's not used for "to fall into apples" like you may expect.

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One of the most used verbs in the French language, tomber means "to fall." This could be used for a physical fall or for something like . When you want to say "fell" or "falling," and that is the subject of this French lesson.

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