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Bruckner had written numerous vocal and orchestral pieces for church performance, but his first serious attempts at concert music did not occur until the 1860s, when he began projects under the tutelage of Otto Kitzler. During his time with this modernist, Bruckner fell under the potent charm of Wagner, whose ultra-chromatic style brought change to the Austrian's own. Bruckner's church music sat well with audiences, but his symphonies, for which he is best known today, were radical in scope and hostilely received. He became a personal friend of , a friendship causing even greater discord with followers of and conservative tradition. Bruckner took on the mark of an overblown Wagnerian; after modest success with his Symphony Number 2 (1871-2), Symphony Number 3 (1873-7) had a disastrous premiére, although a supportive audience member was 17-year-old . His later symphonies, particularly Numbers 5 (1875-6) and 7 (1881-3), had their share of applause, but also widespread hisses and harsh reviews in the press. Local orchestras, including the Vienna Philharmonic, were reluctant to perform Bruckner's compositions, usually deemed formless, too long, and unmarketable.

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you ever had to write (after you wrote about what you did on your summer vacation) was a book review of some kind. You probably gave a brief run-down of the book's major characters, a summary of the plot (if there was one) or told what the book was about, and then said how wonderful the book was (being careful not to reveal too much about the ending). The evaluative essay remains a valuable tool in your arsenal of composition patterns. Hopefully, your ability to say what you like about the object at hand — whether it's a book or a painting or a jazz album or a rock concert or a dinner at a fancy restaurant or the design of a new car — has become more subtle and convincing over the years since your first book review.

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Interesting that new audience concerts are being found after all these years. In 2013, we took a trip to Arizona visiting Phoenix and Tucson In 2011, We were fortunate to take a trip to Texas visiting some of the cities where Elvis played and also visiting the Public Libraries to collect newspaper ads and reviews from the 50s.

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There will be occasions when you are forced to use the specialized vocabulary that people who really like this kind of art are used to using. Reading the CD booklets of jazz albums is sometimes like reading a foreign language if you're not hip. That's to be expected. If it is written well, your reader will go along with you. You can't be expected to review a rock concert with the same language that you'd use to review the performance of a string quartet. The environment and special effects of a rock performance are a big part of your enjoyment of it; on the other hand, you would remark on the environment of a string quartet performance only if it were particularly inappropriate for careful listening. Critics who write about art sometimes have their own vocabulary for doing so, and you need to be at least somewhat familiar with that vocabulary before writing seriously about art.