There are two general formats for compare and contrast papers:

The two major patterns for organizing a comparison/contrast essay are:

Comparing stories with fractured fairy tales compare and contrast

In the United States, a vanguard in environmental awareness has only seriously started legislating pollution controls for the protection of its citizens in the past thirty years....

Let's take an example of compare and contrast of apples and oranges.

Members of admissions committees recognize certain kinds of essays that inevitably result, with a dreary repetition, from the conditions of this real scene. First, the nearly vacuous statement that glues together general, formulaic phrases: "My purpose in attending college is to . . .My interests have always been interdisciplinary. I am interested in both history and languages, as well as mathematics and computer science . . . If admitted, I will simultaneously pursue studies in . . ." Second, the splashy, look at me essay: "I have always set high goals for myself, and, supported by my family, have often achieved them. I was lead whistle monitor for my high school band at the same time that I assisted the track team in raising money to purchase new hurdles." Third, the I- am-a-character essay:"I can be recognized on campus by my characteristic red backpack. No oneelse wears red, but I have not specialized in following the crowd. . . ." Fourth, the pity-me essay: "My parents will not let me apply out of stateand I want desperately to obtain my degree from your university." And soon. They are painful to read and drift to the bottom of the stack, unless the reader is able to see past the unfortunate style to locate a worthy,obscured candidate. These styles present the candidate as either a facelesscliché dedicated to absorbing more clichés or an anxious supplicanttrying to find some way, any way, including bluff and arrogant flourish,to handle the pressure of writing the essay. They are unleisurely, uncomposed,uncalm, insecure, inappropriately formal. They are unpleasant to read, unflattering to the writer, and, for all their easy sycophancy ("It wouldbe an honor for me to gain admission to your university . . ."), they usuallypaint a picture of the writer that is unappealing to the reader.

Compare and contrast the roles and relationships of the following pairs of characters: George and Lennie (of Mice and Men) and Holmes and Watson (Sherlock Holmes stories).

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As examples, one can compare and contrast the two mythologies in terms of characters, form and structure, creation myths, and mythology’s relevance to life.

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The classic stylist, by contrast, first perceives an interesting, not necessarily grand, truth that is worth presenting. This perceptionalmost always involves conceptual nuance - the classic stylist would otherwisehave no reason to speak, since there is no call to point out what everyonealready sees. The classic stylist then presents the truth she has perceived. She does not simply report it, pass it along, hand it over. The chef whoperceives in the lettuce, endive, grapefruit, and olive oil a combined tastedoes not plop them in front of the diner. Instead, she works invisibly tomake that taste perceptible to the diner, gives the salad a presentationon a plate, and hands it to the waiter for its complete presentation to thediner. The restaurant takes full responsibility for the quality of the dishand the appropriateness of the presentation - it has no excuse for presentingsomething not worth eating.

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We tell the student to obliterate completely the hope of learning to write by revising what they have written. To write in classic style, or any style, the writer must first inhabit the conceptual stand of the style,and then write from it. The beginning student is asked to write, to analyzethe style of what she has written, and to notice ways in which it is unclassic,and then to lay it completely aside, to inhabit the classic stand, and towrite something new. A passage already in a style can be improved by localrevision, but it usually cannot be turned into another style by local revision. In the second half of the course, we in fact ask students to "revise" apiece to make it classic, but this kind of "revision" is actually more a"substitution." Many courses in writing take local, textual revision astheir central method. We, by contrast, do everything to encourage the student to abandon that method. For the first few weeks, it is best if the studentnever revises a thing she writes, but instead always tries to inhabit thestyle more fully before starting from scratch.

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This essay will explain, discuss and examine the effects of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue' had on other authors writing detective stories during the 19th century.