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Costa Rica is in Central America, between Nicaragua (north) and Panama (south east).

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East,John P. “American Conservative Thought: The Impact of Ludwig Von Mises.” 23, no. 4 (1979). Discusses the influence of Mises’s freemarket liberalism, anticommunism, and hostility to political intervention onAmerican conservatives.

In recent years, the media has made much of the growing consumer markets in Latin America.

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Selvin,David F. .Berkeley: Center for Labor Research and Education, Institute of IndustrialRelations, University of California, 1966. Discusses the Trade Union UnityLeague, the Communist party, and the CIO.

should read Twain on the Philippines if he thinks America is innocent of colonialism

Schlesinger,Arthur M., Jr. “Theories of McCarthyism.” Paper presented at Eisenhower Centerfor American Studies “McCarthyism in America” conference. National Archives,Washington, DC, 2000.

6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

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Schnell,Rodolph L. “National Activist Student Organizations in American HigherEducation, 1905-1944.” Ph.D. diss. University of Michigan, 1975. Notes theCommunist role in the student organizations of the 1930s.

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Rawick,George P. “The New Deal and Youth: The Civil Conservation Corps, the NationalYouth Administration and the American Youth Congress.” Ph.D. diss. Universityof Wisconsin, 1957. Discusses the Communist Party’s role in the AYC and theNYA.

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Ilma,Viola, and L. Edgar Prina. . New York: Duell, Sloanand Pearce, 1958. Autobiography of the non-Communist founder of the AmericanYouth Congress who was soon pushed aside by C.P. operatives.

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Kranz,Robert George. “International Education and Cocurricular Activities: TheOrigins of the United States National Student Association InternationalProgram.” Ph.D. diss. University of Wisconsin, 1992. Concludes that ananti-Communist centrist coalition controlled NSA’s international programs.

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Dixler,Elsa Jane. “The Woman Question: Women and the American Communist Party,1929-1941.” Ph.D. diss. Yale University, 1974. Finds that the Communist Partywas not a feminist organization, tended to follow traditional patterns ofmale-female relations, and in the Popular Front period the Communist Partyglorified traditional women’s roles of mother, housewife, and consumer.

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Carleton,Don E. “No Ivory Towers in the Lone Star State: Anticommunism, the Universityof Texas and the Homer P. Rainey Affair.” Paper presented at Organization ofAmerican Historians Annual Meeting, 1990.

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Gettleman,Marvin E. “Communists in Higher Education: CCNY and Brooklyn College on the Eveof the Rapp-Coudert Investigation, 1935-1939.” Paper presented at Organizationof American Historians Annual Meeting, 1977.