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Press conferences, board meetings, and team meetings are examples of group communication.


An example of communication in healthcare is between clinical professionals and staff, patients and their relatives or carers, professionals doctors, occupational therapists, social workers, midwives, physiotherapists and administration staff (Darley, 2002).

Election campaigns and public speeches are example of this type of communication.

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FEMA does have that. The problem is FEMA doesn't have enough of it. For example, we had our facility down there, called Red October, that we can move around, has satellite communications ability … But FEMA has one Red October. We probably need a lot more of them. …

Eventually, your spouse will realize your lack of honesty, which will result in a complete communication breakdown.

In this essay I will elaborate on my understanding on the internet as a new medium of communication, I will also state relevant theories and examples to back up my result.

This paper examines the use of language from different cultural background in the context of the communication difficulties from cultural difference.