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There are many different aspects to science fiction and what it consists of.

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Alma Alexander's work - whether historical fantasy like "Secrets of Jin Shei" or "Embers fo Heaven" or more contemporary novel like "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" - is always, whatever its genre on the face of it, a lush and literary experience.

By including these it helps the reader identify the story as a work of science fiction.

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The thematic content exemplified by the Flitcraft story is what raises this particular work of genre fiction to the status of literature, and thus allows us to evaluate it by the standards that Lamarque and Olsen set out.

Good list! But no Gene Wolfe?! The Book of the New Sun is literary science fiction at its finest!

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Wells wrote in many genres including politics, history, social commentary and contemporary novels.

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I've been reading science fiction since the 1960s, and I agree with edrybicki. You left off all early science-fiction--Jules Verne isn't literary? How about Dune and the very first anti-hero that was lambasted by the sci-fi world for its creation? And not one Asimov on the list? Or Heinlein and his literary forays?

Literary fiction vs commercial fiction.

One might object, however. Why should we apply one set of evaluative criteria to genre fiction and another set to “serious” literature? Genre fiction treats themes too – some perennial and some topical – and makes use of devices like free indirect style more or less well. Couldn’t we look for themes in genre fiction, and be attentive to the techniques shown in the writing? Indeed, this seems to be the approach of many serious critics who have written on genre fiction: they aim to show that despite their plot- and emotion-driven nature, good genre fiction is capable of just the kind of careful and moving treatment of serious themes as any work of literature. Consider Steven Marcus’ discussion of Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon.

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All science-fiction is literary--you are once more pushing the genre back into the "pulp" world from which it did a long haul to climb out. It was stuck in the pit of literary nonetity. Shame on you for trying to "literarize" this genre. And McCormac doesn't do anything literary--he's one of the most commercial writers today. And commercial writing is no longer literary!!!!

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We might summarize the foregoing by suggesting that genre fiction is supposed to be judged according to (a) a set of fixed formulae that apply to the work (b) in light of the fixed purposes of the genre. What’s more, we might note that these purposes are (c) plot (rather than character or theme) driven. By contrast, literary fiction is to be judged according to (d) the importance of the themes it examines and (e) how well it makes use of literary and imaginative devices to realize those themes.

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