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?Although organic food products are typically free from exposure to hormones and pesticides, there is little evidence to suggest that these foods provide any significant health benefits.
The aim of this paper is not to insinuate that organic foods are a waste of money; undoubtedly they can be fresh, delicious and appeal to the masses; they come straight from the farm, to the market, to our tables. But there is no solid evidence to suggest that eating foods which are naturally grown and chemical free will translate to increased health benefits for the consumer. In fact, the only people proven to benefit from the increased popularity (and in-store pricing) of "eating organic" are farmers, industries and markets that sell these products.
Nationally, the average price paid for one gallon of organic milk and one dozen of organic eggs are $7.36 (milk) and $4.18 (eggs). In contrast, those same items produced through conventional methods are priced significantly lower, whereas the same gallon of milk and one dozen eggs are priced at $3.79 (milk) and $2.59 (eggs) - a price percentage difference of 94% for a gallon of milk and 61% for a carton of eggs. These price comparisons are very similar, or even higher, when comparing other organic/conventional items within four of the major food categories.
The table below depicts the retail price differences between popular organic and non-organic food items within a major food group.
Table1. Price per Unit for Non-organic and Organic Foods at Five Waterville Grocery Stores (based on data collected by Colby College students)

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