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“Also, kindness, inclusiveness and civility will be interpreted differently by different individuals.”
Perhaps, but the only one that matters is the institutional version. And if you’re deemed to have violated it, your own interpretation is worth a big pile of nothing.
See FIRE, ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom, etc.

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Choose your desired Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Penn.I found it randomly online when i googled sample college essays or something like that How to Tell Your Kid You Can't Afford His/Her Dream University?

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Secular colleges are spectacularly incompetent at forming character in young adults, and even more so at performing character transplants. For all their talk of ethics, they feel no responsibility to remove themselves from performing operations for which they lack all demonstrated skill. They are moral quacks.
Having discarded the idea of transcendent virtue, they must settle for the shouting port of a room in the modern equivalent of England’s old Bethlehem mental hospital (from which the word ‘bedlam’ is derived). Happy shouting, Dean Dingman!
Veritas pro Christo et Ecclesia – Truth for Christ and the Church (original motto of Harvard University)

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