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There is a growing number of Hispanic being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

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What about college being a business? Most professors don’t give a shit if you fail or succeed. They get their money and they are done with you. College is no longer a place to teach/learn, its a place to take peoples money. I work at an engineering firm, 99% of the new college grads who come in, don’t have the slightest clue as to whats going on, we have to teach them quite a bit still, and no we don’t take the D students, we take the A-B grads.

Type 2 diabetes, in Hispanic should be addressed because the disease can be prevented.

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High school, college, both create panic and stress inside a person. Its not a healthy environment at all, and certainly not an environment conducive to learning. Tests, assignments, reports, grading, rules, conformity, homework, its all about controlling you and your time and creating internalized pressure. Eventually you will get sick from this. Stress causes sickness. That is why I got out in college. I had an ephiphany. It was all a rotten, insidious lie. There was no change from high school to college, it was the same old pressure, testing, and grading, only 20 times worse.

Diabetes is a serious illness, and there are about 1,800 new cases are being diagnosed each day.

The goal of this essay is for you to understand the answers to these questions, and be able to apply your newly gained knowledge to your own life, hopefully decreasing your risk of developing diabetes.

There are three types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes.

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I just started my first year at johnson & wales university, and I’m 2 weeks in. I really do not like it. like many people, I was misled at orientation, and I fell in love with the school then, but as soon as I moved in and started going to classes I knew it just wasnt for me. i live about an hour and half away and plan on going home every weekend until I transfer. I am already planning on taking a 2 year program in culinary arts at a community college back at home. The economy has changed so much since i applied to JWU, and I know I will be thousands of dollars and debt. This school is $22,000 a year which honestly isnt that bad compared to some others, but still I could get the same education for much less elsewhere. I honestly cant wait to get out of here. and i agree with the last post, i am constantly asking myself “what am I doing here?” and it sucks.

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I see both sides of the problem, but whats sad is my dad will make damn near twice as much money as I would coming out of college. With the degree on the piece of paper. Which is pathetic. Some people just need a break, so take a semester or two off. College is a grind and for some people they just need to take the time off. My friend who is one of the smartest guys in my class had to take a year off because he was worn out and it showed in his grades. He was put on academic probation. For others congrats on passing. I agree with the statement that High school is too lax with study habits. Most students dont even know how to take proper notes!!!! (me beign one of them) For most people the first semester is a eye opener that maybe the school or college just isnt the thing for them. FOr some the workplace is the best. But the 2 most BS statements about college is the horrible cost of books, of which half the time you dont even need, you pay $500 for books and half the time you dont even get 1/5th payback and the BS gen ed. I want to go to college and study my degree in history. Not learn about macro economics or music apriciation. I really dont see how supply and demand really tie into History. Take out the horrible costs of living in the dorms and the BS costs of books and let the students study for there actual degree and there would be a heck of lot more turn out for college. Thats my two cents

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Number 86, Allyx, I totally agree with you. College is not for everyone. There are 300 million people in the United States. Do you think that they ALL go to college and live happy lives? Hell no. College is a choice, and it is up to the American, who has the damn right to drop out or not go to college if they want. Get a job, work, and find what makes YOU happy. Don’t worry about your parents, your friends, or your mentors. Worry about yourself. Only once you are happy can others around you be happy. I plan on dropping out, so call me ignorant, call me pathetic, call me what you will, but in the end, what you say does not matter. In the end, if I am happy, then I need nothing else. Call that selfish, but I call it peace of mind.