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The winner of this contest will receive full payment of conference registration, meals during the conference, and economy lodging forthe Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, held in the Santa Cruz Mountains near San Jose, California, March 25–31, 2015. For details about the conference, visit .

The un-figured out-ness of my life isn’t limited to my future plans, either. People tell me I have my faith all figured out as well—but, of course, I don’t. Well, it depends on how you define “figured out,” I guess. I know that God is up in Heaven watching me write this essay. I know Jesus is why I’m going to join God in Heaven one of these days, even though I deserve Hell. And I know that the Holy Spirit lives in me. But other than that, I have no clue. Do I love God? Really love God? What are my motives for living how I live, believing what I believe? Guilt, fear of punishment, want of reward? Am I living how Jesus wants me to live? How exactly does Jesus want me to live?

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