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They are different essay types with different aims. See my advanced lessons to learn about this:

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You can unite only on the basis of disdain of gentiles. Nothing else you have in common, within your own nation. You disdain each others, too, but you disdain gentiles much more.
That is why you have abandoned your own country (you could not live together), and have spreaded throughout the world. In smaller communities, among gentiles, you could tolerate each other, and cooperate.
Your problem will have to be solved, because you make it to be our big problem. You have spoiled/deviated everything, starting from the origin of Kabbalah, via world-economy, and up to the fundamental physics.
You are evil. You cannot cure yourself. You see yourself as the best, in everything, so you are incapable to see yourself as you really are. Your kids should be taken from you, and raised by reasonable, good gentiles. There is, unfortunately, no other way. There is, actually, but it is not human (i.e. that what Hitler tried, and he tried that because he was, in his mind, the same as the Jews: he considered himself and his nation as superior-race).

I’m confused about the structure of opinion essays, and my question is:

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There are the “too honest” ones more who could not give a hoot about the fact that they sound like lunatics, and would never in the real world of how they treat their health, and money, and loved ones accept such facts or reasoning. They even blame these “vain, self-important nobodys” for the climate.

Can I add some short statistics in the essay in order to support my opinion ?

The ruin of the Second Temple marks a key point in the history of the world. Not only was the Jewish people exiled from the land of Israel, the Jews also lost their war against self-centeredness. For the first time since its inception, the tenet, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” was not the guiding rule within the nation. Jews still had high regard for unity, as they still do to this day, but they began to use it to gain self-centered purposes instead of as a means for correction of the ego and as an asset to be passed on to all mankind.

So that means ms. Liz, I only have to discuss traditional medicine all throughout my essay? Since I strongly agree with it?

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According to Kerk (2007, p.18) Martin Luther king was the most prolific figure who utilized music to sensitize society, “we believe that freedom songs play a big and vital part in the struggle that we are going through” this words were also echoed by the Albany movement “music keeps us a live, it gives us a sense of unity, new courage every dawn, hope to move on that the future still holds something in our most daring and dreadful hours” Development of Music The 20th century was a century which United States had g...

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In the face of a disastrous world and a dying species, many people turn to their faith seeking an explanation. The film constantly shows scenes of people attempting to repent or renounce in order to achieve God's forgiveness for whatever sins put humanity in this position. Furthermore, the film incorporates Biblical symbolism in the Tomorrow, representative of Noah's Ark where humans and animals alike gathered to begin the world anew, and in Kee's pregnancy, which is reminiscent of Mary's immaculate conception.

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The chaos created after the panic of realizing that the entire species was infertile paved the way for an oppressive government to come in and take control of Great Britain. The main way dystopian, totalitarian governments are able to rise to power is through fear; this government capitalized not only on people's fear for the future of the species, but also on their fear of foreigners coming in and bringing terror to the nation due to the horrors happening in the rest of the world. Through this fear, they were able to take control, and the government in the film is not unlike the famous totalitarian government depicted in George Orwell's 1984.

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Words are powerful; they can hurt and they often do. The language a society uses shapes their ideas and beliefs, so I learned the concept of "People First Language." People First Language is a method of communication that shows we see the person before their disability. For example, you would never use hurtful words such as "sped" or "crippled" and you would not say things like "that autistic boy." Instead you call the person by their name. You do not use the disability to describe the person. People First Language is the first step toward eliminating hurtful stereotypes and the devaluing of a person with a disability. Robert M. Hensel, disability advocate and Guinness World Record holder for the longest wheelchair wheelie, said, "There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more." This is why I believe the best way for me to knock down the barriers in my community is to fight the stigma of disability and to make sure we value everyone as individuals with gifts unique to each of us.