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When something social constructed is is likely to vary over time and cultures childhood is socially constructed because everything that we have learned since the early years of our life has been passed down to us by our parents - from generation to generation
religion is something that is definitely socially constructed in a child's life all children have been taught to believe in something
Your parents/carers teach you what it socially acceptable, for example the rules/laws our parents teach us.

Steven Wagg says that members of a particular society as particular times and in particular places says it is Childhood is a social construction Childhood not being a social construction Its difficult to explain how childhood is not a social construction because no matter what society you are brought up into you slowly learn from the people around you.

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“Not only is modern childhood a social construction, but it was created by the invention of the printing press and the subsequent rise in literacy throughout the Western World”.

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I have come to the conclusion that the state of childhood is socially
constructed because of the huge variations between each country today.

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Written by experienced researchers, this text explores how children in their everyday lives in small-scale settings demonstrate their social competence. The theoretical focus is children’s social action and agency and how this unfolds in a range of different settings, including the home, the street, the classroom, and institutional care.

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One particular theory about this social identity is that it is not fixed or innate but that it is something that changes over time and is constructed through our social interactions with other people.

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Two key edited collections on childhood were published in the early 1990s. Both attempted to establish a new conceptual and empirical field for the sociology of childhood. The first, , emphasizes the socially constructed nature of childhood, whereas focuses more on macro-structural approaches. A slightly later text, , discusses empirical research emphasizing more micro-constructionist approaches. A second group of edited collections discusses the political and cultural dimensions of children and childhood. From a mainly UK perspective, explores the impact of neoliberal policies associated with Thatcherism on children and childhood. explores the political dimensions of childhood from a more global context. is a collection of articles regarding research approaches to children and childhood. Finally, provides a more up-to-date coverage of conceptual and empirical themes and issues.

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Although some may argue that one's sexuality is an innate characteristic resulting from genetic makeup, there is a large amount of evidence pointing to its social construction instead.

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A classic book, widely cited within the field and setting out a new paradigm for the study of childhood. Its theoretical focus is social constructionism, offering a range of readings on children’s agency, policy-related themes, and challenges for professionals working with children in a range of distinctive settings. First published in 1990.