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In both Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte the corrupting nature of monetary wealth is displayed through the lives of multiple characters.

The heroism of Jane Eyre is central throughout the novel of the same name.

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The female character of Jane Eyre forms into a furiously, passionate, independent young woman.

Not only is "Jane Eyre" a novel about one woman's journey through life, but Brontë also conveys to the reader the social injustices of the period, such as poverty, lack of universal education and sexual inequality....

Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre reveals this idea by the development of the protagonist....

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Elizabeth Rigby (later Lady Eastlake) was probably the harshest critic, calling Jane Eyre “the personification of an unregenerate and undisciplined spirit.” Rigby strongly believed that, while Jane was portrayed with a great degree of accuracy, she was herself a flawed person....

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The main character, Jane Eyre, demonstrates a strong need to be herself, a young girl trying to retain all the individuality possible for a dependent of her time.