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Some deans say they have all the applicants they need. Among them is Charles A. Deacon, dean of undergraduate admissions at , which reviewed 18,000 applications this year. Sitting behind a long wooden table, with admissions reports fanned out in front of him, Mr. Deacon explains why he refuses to adopt the Common Application. The ease of the form, he says, would bring Georgetown thousands more applicants. Yet he fears that adding the application would weaken Georgetown’s admissions process, in which nearly all applicants are interviewed. “We believe this is a personal relationship between a student and a college,” Mr. Deacon says. “With our own application, we know people are applying who want to apply.”

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To some degree, the increases are inevitable: the college-bound population has grown, and so, too, has the number of applications students file, thanks in part to online technology. But wherever it is raining applications, colleges have helped seed the clouds — by recruiting widely and aggressively for ever more applicants.

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The tide shows no signs of ebbing. This year, the , Duke and Tulane — the last juggling 43,816 submissions — surpassed their previous application records by double-digit percentages. Applications are, of course, a proxy for popularity and metric of merit. Such is the allure of exclusivity, and the appeal of simplicity. Measuring quality is difficult; measuring quantity is as easy as counting. The more apps a college receives, and rejects, the more impressive it seems.

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