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Another important aspect is a free and independent press. As Prime Minister, I front the media almost every day, sometimes several times, on issues of the day. Questions will range from the performance of my Executive and MPs, to New Zealand’s position on international affairs and domestic policy, to what I had for breakfast.

Bender's personality is described as aggressive and disrespectful ("The Breakfast Club").

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FIVE kids spending Saturday doing detention time in the high school library: it's not such a spine-tingling situation. But in ''The Breakfast Club,'' which he wrote and directed, John Hughes lets the kids challenge, taunt and confront each other as if this were ''Twelve Angry Men.'' Personalities are dissected; tears are shed. The kids, each representing a different teen stereotype, come to understand each other. They strike up friendships. They denounce their parents. They decide that ''when you grow up, your heart dies.''

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Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, reunited after ''Sixteen Candles,'' are the movie's standout performers as an affluent prima donna and a boy who cares about physics to the exclusion of all else. As the athlete who rounds out this predictable lineup, Emilio Estevez has an edgy physical intensity very reminiscent of his father, Martin Sheen. The five young stars would have mixed well even without the fraudulent encounter-group candor towardS which ''The Breakfast Club'' forces them. Mr. Hughes, having thought up the characters and simply flung them together, should have left well enough alone.

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Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

The letter is the focal point of the film, as it demonstrates and illustrates the changes the students undergo during the course of the day; their attitudes and perspectives have changed and are now completely different.

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The stereotypes also represent how the members of the Breakfast Club see one another in the beginning of the movie.
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club
is set in Shermer, Illinois on March 24, 1984.

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This rebellion brings them together, lets them talk and communicate and pushes them to make new bonds and friends.

By the end of the movie due to all the things done in spite of authority, the breakfast club have worked together to make it through the day and have draw closer to each other then ever imaginable.

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While she feels comfortable enough to be herself around The Breakfast Club, she still feels the need to impress her peers and alter her personality in public.

Claire’s parents are relatively similar to Allison’s parents, as they too, do not really show love towards both their daughters.

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The offhand, knowing humor of Mr. Hughes's ''Sixteen Candles'' is supplanted here by a deadly self-importance, occasionally leavened with a well-timed gag or a memorable bit of teenage slang. (''Yo, Waste-oid! You're not gonna blaze up in here,'' says one character, meaning ''Don't smoke.''). Fortunately, Mr. Hughes retains some of his earlier playfulness, and all of his talent for casting. There are some good young actors in ''The Breakfast Club,'' though a couple of them have been given unplayable roles.

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It is shown that while each student represents a different clique, together they form the Breakfast Club ("The Breakfast Club").
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