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A problem and solution essay is part persuasive and part cause and effect

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Dear Liz,
Regarding this type of question, even if the question says” what would you suggest as a solution ? “, its a cause- solution essay and it doesnt require our opinion ?

Hi liz, I just want to share my recent exam topic writing task 2 last Oct 31, 2015. Just take a look if you think it is useful for your lesson.

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The ideas contained in the statement are already obvious to everyone, and it does nothing to address a possible solution--after all, this is a still a very real problem in our society, so knowing what people "should" be like doesn't really say anything.

This essay question focuses on older people. You must provide the causes (reasons) why older people compete and also solutions for this situation.

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One of the most significant challenges that you will face in your early college years is the gluttony of essays that will be assigned in various courses. Many times, these essays will give you the freedom to choose your own topic, given that it stays within the boundaries of the assignment goal. Problem solving essay topics are some of the hardest to come up with, but that shouldn't be the case.

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This essay question focuses on younger people. The instructions ask for problems and solution. Always note whether you are asked to give the causes or the problems.

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Remember that all writing — even academic writing — needs to tell a story: the introduction often describes what has already happened (the background or history of your topic), the body paragraphs might explain what is currently happening and what needs to happen (this often involves discussing a problem, the need for a solution, and possible solutions), and the conclusion usually looks to the future by focusing on what is likely to happen (what might happen next, and whether a solution is likely). If you work on telling a story in the paper, it will help you to structure it in a way that the reader can easily follow and understand.

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The incubation period is very important in problem solving. Working on a solution to a problem and being forced to meet a deadline often causes you to pick the first solution that comes to mind and then "run with it," instead of stopping to think about alternative solutions. Many times it is advantageous to take a break when working on a problem to let your ideas incubate while your subconscious works on it. Of course, you shouldn't turn the responsibility over to your subconscious completely by saying, "Well, my subconscious hasn't solved the problem yet."

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The examiner is will not have a problem if you express ideas which have been asked for as your opinion. In this case, the instructions clearly ask for your view and your suggestions. The only time the examiner has a problem is when you fail to give your opinion in an opinion essay. When the only instructions are “agree? / agree disagree?” and you fail to give your view, then it is a serious matter.