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Although Bob Dylan is more characterized as a songwriter, I see much of his work as poetry.

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21. Listen and briefly list/describe the musical characteristics and lyric content (main focus/topic or “meaning” behind the words) you hear in each of the following Bob Dylan songs:

Some songs included Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 (Bob Dylan), White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane), and even Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)....

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For many years I refused to read about Bob Dylan. I had decided there were too many books about him. How would I ever choose the right one? It was Elijah Wald’s Dylan Goes Electric that came first. I figured because it’s about my favorite version of Dylan—when he plugged in and became a foil to American music—that I would at least know the songs. It turns out Dylan Goes Electric is more about the Guthries, the Seegers, and the Newport Folk Festival than it is about Bob Dylan himself. But what I took away from it was Bob Dylan was always exactly who he wanted to be: true to himself, and that I must be true to myself.

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I read the majority of Bell’s first volume while I was in Cabo San Lucas. Bell’s thick biography—the first book is 563 pages and ends in 1975—was perfect for the traveling and sitting in the sun. When we were on the tip of the Baja peninsula of Mexico that October, news stretched to us that Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. And for a brief second I felt worldly, existing in a foreign country, reading about a man in a book I chose randomly because of its color and a name inside of it. A man who has done nothing but lie and deceive, disappoint and disrupt, a rock-and-roller, a godfather of the counter-culture, who is now in the books deemed just as exceptional as literary giants like Gabriel García Márquez or Seamus Heaney.

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Ian Bell died a few years after the second volume was published, in 2015, of unknown causes at the age of 59. For all the pages he spent discussing Dylan’s relationship with the Nobel Prize—should they or shouldn’t they—he never got to see him win it. The biography originally began as research on Dylan, to prove that he deserved it. (Dylan had been nominated every year since 1993.) Bell died with Bob Dylan’s mystery and undeserved legacy intact, never knowing Dylan was finally given what Bell knew he deserved all along.

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All of the literary rebels that Willis mentioned in her article (written between 1967 and 1968) resurface in Chronicles, along with a long list of other poets, including: Byron, Shelley, Longfellow, Milton, Coleridge, Shakespeare, Villon, Poe, and the French Symbolists and American Beats. He was also moved greatly by short stories, and in Chronicles he mentions storytellers such as Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Luke Short and H.G. Wells. Dylan is both a poet and a storyteller in his own ways, so this certainly seems fitting, and he describes his allure to folk music (in his memoirs) to the fact that folksingers could “sing songs like an entire book, but only in a few verses.” In other words, folksingers were concise storytellers.

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Another who Dylan has dealt with ambiguously over the years is the poet Dylan Thomas. In many early career interviews (such as his 1978 interview with magazine), Dylan repeatedly denied taking his stage name from the poet. In Chronicles, however, Dylan explains that he was initially planning on changing his name to Robert Allyn, but upon discovering some poems by Thomas, he felt that Dylan had a stronger feel, and thereupon settled on changing his name from Bobby Zimmerman to Bob Dylan. It’s possible that Dylan’s memory of the events changed over the years, but it is also possible that Dylan substituted one public mask for another by 2004. While it’s always fun to speculate, it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

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He was given a 5 year contract by Columbia Records in 1961 and Bob Dylan released his first album in 1962 which consisted of mostly cover songs and only two original works....