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initiates one of the most prominent debates about the politics of postmodernism

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Eliot, accord with "the immense panorama of futility and anarchy which is contemporary history." Modernism thus marks a distinctive break with Victorian bourgeois morality; rejecting nineteenth-century optimism, they presented a profoundly pessimistic picture of a culture in disarray....

The writing style of modernism was unprecedented and reflective of the socio-political events of the period.

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-- New Criterion."What can we say about Foucault’s conclusions, inseparable from his long anti-Enlightenment campaign? We know very well what alternatives are left by the dismissal of representative democracy and investigative science. They abound in the history of suf- ferings that Foucault chose either to overlook or blithely to prefer, for others, to the horrors of positivist regulation. Should our medical establishment revert, then, to the methods of a Swaziland “healer”—practices that are, in context, probably no less intrusive than our own? The wrenching tragedy is that Foucault, a probing and compendious intellect both inevitable and necessary in the postmodern debate, saw his own productivity cut short, his life ended in 1984 at the age of fifty-seven, by a virus which will be conquered only through the very procedures he most despised. Patient interviews, blood tests, prophylactic measures, laboratory experimentation, drug trials, contagion studies, sexual continence -- these are the, on balance, not so terrible price we must now pay for public safety and personal health. No shaman’s chant, no casting of bones will cure AIDS."

Temperamental Journeys: Essays on the Modern Literature of Travel. Athens and London: U of Georgia P, 1992.

On Vattimo's account, Nietzsche and Heidegger can be brought togetherunder the common theme of overcoming. Where Nietzsche announces theovercoming of nihilism through the active nihilism of the eternalreturn, Heidegger proposes to overcome metaphysics through anon-metaphysical experience of being. In both cases, he argues, whatis to be overcome is modernity, characterized by the image thatphilosophy and science are progressive developments in which thoughtand knowledge increasingly appropriate their own origins andfoundations. Overcoming modernity, however, cannot mean progressinginto a new historical phase. As Vattimo observes: “Bothphilosophers find themselves obliged, on the one hand, to take up acritical distance from Western thought insofar as it is foundational;on the other hand, however, they find themselves unable to criticizeWestern thought in the name of another, and truer, foundation”(Vattimo 1988 [1985], 2). Overcoming modernity must therefore meana Verwindung, in the sense of twisting or distortingmodernity itself, rather than an Überwindung orprogression beyond it.

This way of thinking was to be known as modernism, and it affected spheres of life from politics to psychology.

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One such modernist, Mikhail Bakunin exemplified the political aspect of modernism through his revolutionary belief of anarchism and his radical actions in order to promote his beliefs....

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Like many movements in history there is a rise and fall, the meaning of modernism in the Latin Americas enhances our understanding of humanities because it gives us a better understanding of human experiences at the time and it gives the viewer a sense of connection with those who have come before them.

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As Lyotard argues, aesthetic judgment is the appropriate model forthe problem of justice in postmodern experience because we areconfronted with a plurality of games and rules without a conceptunder which to unify them. Judgment must therefore be reflectiverather than determining. Furthermore, judgment must be aestheticinsofar as it does not produce denotative knowledge about adeterminable state of affairs, but refers to the way our facultiesinteract with each other as we move from one mode of phrasing toanother, i.e. the denotative, the prescriptive, the performative, thepolitical, the cognitive, the artistic, etc. In Kantian terms, thisinteraction registers as an aesthetic feeling. Where Kant emphasizesthe feeling of the beautiful as a harmonious interaction betweenimagination and understanding, Lyotard stresses the mode in whichfaculties (imagination and reason,) are in disharmony, i.e. thefeeling of the sublime. For Kant, the sublime occurs when ourfaculties of sensible presentation are overwhelmed by impressions ofabsolute power and magnitude, and reason is thrown back upon its ownpower to conceive Ideas (such as the moral law) which surpass thesensible world. For Lyotard, however, the postmodern sublime occurswhen we are affected by a multitude of unpresentables withoutreference to reason as their unifying origin. Justice, then, wouldnot be a definable rule, but an ability to move and judge among rulesin their heterogeneity and multiplicity. In this respect, it would bemore akin to the production of art than a moral judgment in Kant'ssense.

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Unfortunately for the history of art, in the process of neutralizing progressive modernism, art history also had to neutralize all other art from earlier periods and from elsewhere in the world.