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Machiavelli states that fear is better than love because love is unreliable.

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If, therefore, the executive who has the power of convoking the legislative, observing rather the true proportion than fashion of representation, regulates not by old custom, but true reason, the number of members in all places, that have a right to be distinctly represented, which no part of the people, however incorporated, can pretend to, but in proportion to the assistance which it affords to the public, it cannot be judged to have set up a new legislative, but to have restored the old and true one, and to have rectified the disorders which succession of time had insensibly as well as inevitably introduced; for it being the interest as well as intention of the people to have a fair and equal representative, whoever brings it nearest to that is an undoubted friend to and establisher of the government, and cannot miss the consent and approbation of the community; prerogative being nothing but a power in the hands of the prince to provide for the public good in such cases which, depending upon unforeseen and uncertain occurrences, certain and unalterable laws could not safely direct.

Beowulf was loved and feared because he used his superhuman abilities for the good of mankind.

Is it better for a leader to be loved or to be feared

Who would not think it an admirable peace betwixt the mighty and the mean, when the lamb, without resistance, yielded his throat to be torn by the imperious wolf?

Whatever is beyond this is more than his share, and belongs to others.

This message could not have come my way at a better time, although I would have loved to receive it years sooner (at the same time, I recognize that I also might not have been ready for the full message before now). Thank you for opening a door to healing through this beautiful work. You have a remarkable gift.

This minute that comes to me over the past decillions,There is no better than it and now.

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No? What about encouraging people to see Him as God's only Son or as the Messiah, and claiming the attributes of God? What about demonstrating against the Temple order, which was ordained by God, thereby suggesting rebellion against God's established order and leaving open the option of going to other gods? And even beyond that, Pesch's Qumran interpretation covers that issue - it was seen as encompassing more than just simple idolatry.

To Be Loved or Feared as a Leader

This is beautiful. I’m in the hospital with my mom who just underwent surgery to fix her spine. A parent-child bond is so special. Thank you for sharing yours.

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Thus labour, in the beginning, gave a right of property, wherever any one was pleased to employ it, upon what was common, which remained a long while, the far greater part, and is yet more than mankind makes use of Men at first, for the most part, contented themselves with what unassisted Nature offered to their necessities; and though afterwards, in some parts of the world, where the increase of people and stock, with the use of money, had made land scarce, and so of some value, the several communities settled the bounds of their distinct territories, and, by laws, within themselves, regulated the properties of the private men of their society, and so, by compact and agreement, settled the property which labour and industry began.

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Your baby truly is a superbaby! She and you have to work so much harder for things that most take for granted every day. Such a wonderfully written account on the first 5 years of a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing.

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Hello Heather, Thank you for sharing your story. You speak a lot of good truths. I have studied the theology and benefits of suffering for 30 years, and experienced a share of it myself. There is an excellent book that is out of print now that not many people know about. I think you would benefit from it – it is called, Blessings, by Mary Craig. She is an incredible writer and had two children with disabilities – one severe, the common name was Gargoyle Syndrome, and the other with Downs. They were totally unrelated issues genetically. It is a treasure of a book.