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If an alien were shown an advertisement and asked to describe what product that particular company were selling, in most cases the alien would not know.

Ebay is an online auction service that helps people sell their items to people across the country, or even the globe, for a good profit....

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Writers have been publishing bookeens for years, of course, but they were seen as oddities, fragments lost among the big books. Without a name, they couldn't fully exist. But Amazon, in giving the format a formal identity, has put the bookeen on a solid commercial footing. Kindle Singles have sold "only" 4m or 5m copies thus far, but they are coming from a base of zero. Crucially, the Kindle Singles programme is not a closed shop: Amazon both publishes its own signings and distributes curated works by other publishers under the Kindle Singles brand. Many of the most successful Singles come from small, nimble new digital publishers such as Byliner, Atavist, DailyLit and TED Books. It was DailyLit, run by the literary novelists Yael Goldstein Love and Jennifer 8 Lee, who commissioned my own bookeen. I wrote it; they showed it to Amazon; it was taken on.

Target marketing is the trend nowadays in selling products in which companies are creating customized sales approaches for every group of buyers....

Marks and Spencer is increasingly using the internet for electronic commerce, selling goods to consumers and also offer a range of information about the available products and services.

Marketing is often misunderstood as the selling and promotion of products via commercials, advertisements and sales calls.

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I’m always looking for something good to read. Thinking others might be like me, I pulled together this list of the best selling books from the continually updated Photography, Criticism and Essay category on Amazon. There are a few books on this list that cause me to wonder how they fit into the Crit and Essay category, but the list is mostly solid. Amazon updates this collection hourly, so the odds are good positions will shift, but these are 25 good reads (glad to see as #23!)

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In its simplest form, it is nothing more than the butcher or the baker selling off his wares at the end of the day at a much cheaper price in order to move on the goods rather than store them or even throw them away.

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Personal selling allows the marketer to communicate directly with the prospect or customer and listen to his or her concerns, answer specific questions, provide additional information, inform, persuade, and possibly even recommend other products or services....

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eBay Stores Whether you're starting your own business, or cleaning out your closet, we'll give you the tips and tools you need to sell your item to a worldwide market.

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Store subscription fees With an eBay Store, you create a central shopping destination where buyers can learn about you and all the products you sell....

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