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Homer's The Iliad shows how the heroic code was ingrained in ancient Greek warriors.

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When Beowulf first appears in the poem his exceptional ability in the heroic mode takesprecedence over his name by almost 150 lines: he was "the strongest of living men,this man was a hero among the Geats" (196-97 ); "Wolfgar addressed his lord: 'Aparty of Geats, whose leader is named Beowulf, has arrived from overseas" (362-63).His words after he arrives at Hrothgar's court convey quintessentially heroic sentiments:he will fight Grendel alone--"I will fight single-handed with the monstrousGrendel" (424-26)--and without weapons--"I shall not kill him with the sword. .. . we will do without weapons" (677-87)--to maximize his chance for glory; if hefails, he is fully aware it means death--"I shall either perform some heroic feat. .. or die in the attempt" (636-38). When Hrothgar tells him that Grendel's mother hascarried off Aeschere, Beowulf replies: "It is better for a man to avenge his friendthan to mourn him long. We must all expect an end to life in this world; let him who canwin fame before death, because that is a dead man's best memorial" (1384-89). ContrastAchilles's grief over Patroclus, Gilgamesh's over Enkidu.

Honor is essential to the Homeric heroes, so much that life would be meaningless without it....

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But the Heroic Code is more than just exerting more effort as a warrior, more than being the best warrior there is and more than doing something that the army, community and opposition will recognize....

Beowulf, the hero in the poem, illustrates the Germanic principles of the heroic code.

These code heroes may have been previously wounded or gone through some sort of an ordeal, and so they could have a drinking problem, or a problem sleeping.

A Geatish warrior called Beowulf comes to help them after many years of suffer.

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Beowulf as a Symbol of the Heroic Code

The dragon episode finds the old Beowulf proclaiming to his retainers that he wouldrather fight the dragon without armor and weapons, if the beast's fiery breath wouldallow. He will not retreat, but will engage the creature single-handedly, for it is noone's risk but his: "By my own might I shall obtain the gold, or battle will claimyour king" (2535-37). It is Beowulf's single-mindedness about fighting the dragonalone and his unwillingness to forfeit glory that ultimately brings about not only hisdeath, but the danger of destruction to the Geats. Beowulf's departure leaves a terriblesense of loss as well as danger hanging over the Geats--and the poem. The eulogisticlament uttered by the twelve warriors who ride around Beowulf's burial mound not only putsthe final testimony to the hero into place at the end of the poem--its last word,describing Beowulf, is ("most desirous forrenown")--but summon up a last image of his centrality in his world, and theemptiness now at the circle's midpoint.

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This essay studies Vico's Heroic Mind concept as revealed in his 1732 De mente heroica Oration, discusses the nature of Vico's challenge to Descartes' view of the human person and of knowledge, and points out the development of Vico's ideas on mind, education, and knowledge from his earlier works....

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The hero's energy and unwavering commitment to glory, his unwillingness ever torecognize the arguments of diplomacy or prudence against heroic action, also make him aproblem to those who depend on his strength--whether, like Achilles, he chooses towithdraw from the Trojan war rather than seem to lose face to Agamemnon, or, like Roland,he dooms 20,000 Frankish warriors to Charlemagne's rear guard by refusing to summon themain army with his horn, lest he seem cowardly. The hero's dread of appearing unheroicleads him always to choose the option in any situation that cannot possibly be interpretedas motivated by fear. Sooner or later that choice brings his world to disaster and himselfto death, since it rules out the possibility of compromise, restraint, and prudentwithdrawal, which are sometimes required in every sphere of life, domestic, or political.

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