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Major General Nelson A Miles, commander of the Division of the Missouriat the time of Wounded Knee, once wrote: "I was in command of thatDepartment in 1889, 1890 and 1891, when what is known as the . . . During this time the tribe, under Big Foot, moved from theirreservation to near Red Cloud Agency in South Dakota under a flag oftruce. They numbered over four hundred souls. They were intercepted by acommand under Lt. Col. Whitside, who demanded their surrender, whichthey complied with, and moved that afternoon some two or three miles andcamped where they were directed to do, near the camp of the troops."(14)A flag of truce. There can be no doubt that Big Foot had surrenderedhimself and his people. On the morning of the massacre, they wereprisoners of war.

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No matter how you look at what happened at Wounded Knee, some facts areundeniable. First, Big Foot did leave his agency, but it was not for thepurposes of war. He was fleeing to protect his people and had beeninvited to join another agency. Sitting Bull, his half-brother had beenkilled by the Indian police. Many historians have now come to see thatthe army really assassinated Sitting Bull. In all likelihood, Big Footsaw himself as next on that hit list.

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A controversy has lingered over the details and significance of theevents that occurred on December 29, 1890 at the Wounded Knee, SouthDakota. Right or wrong, the whites in the west felt threatened by theLakota version of the Ghost Dance. They saw the Indian revival as a callto arms. At first Indian agents were not alarmed by the dance that wasintroduced to the Lakota by Kicking Bird in 1889. Kicking Bird wasmarried to a niece of Big Foot, the leader of the Lakota massacred atWounded Knee. Big Foot was the half-brother to Sitting Bull, the famedLakota leader who had led the defeat if General Custer and the SeventhCavalry in 1876.

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Sergeant William Austin, Cavalry, directed fire at Indians in ravine atWounded Knee; Private Mosheim Feaster, Cavalry, extraordinary gallantryat Wounded Knee; Private Mathew Hamilton, Cavalry, bravery in action atWounded Knee; Private Joshija Hartzog, Artillery, rescuing commandingofficer who was wounded and carried him out of range of hostile guns at Wounded Knee; Private Marvin Hillock, Cavalry, distinguished braveryat Wounded Knee; Sergeant Bernhard Jetter, Cavalry, distinguishedbravery at Wounded Knee for "killing an Indian who was in the act ofkilling a wounded man of B Troop." Sergeant George Loyd, Cavalry,bravery, especially after having been severely wounded through the lungat Wounded Knee; Sergeant Albert McMillain, Cavalry, while engaged withIndians concealed in a ravine, he assisted the men on the skirmish line,directed their fire, encouraged them by example, and used every effortto dislodge the enemy at Wounded Knee; Private Thomas Sullivan, Cavalry,conspicuous bravery in action against Indians concealed in a ravine atWounded Knee; First Sergeant Jacob Trautman, Cavalry, killed a hostileIndian at close quarters, and, although entitled to retirement fromservice, remained to close of the campaign at Wounded Knee; SergeantJames Ward, Cavalry, continued to fight after being severely wounded atWounded Knee; Corporal William Wilson, Cavalry, bravery in SiouxCampaign, 1890; Private Hermann Ziegner, Cavalry, conspicuous bravery atWounded Knee.

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee depicts the relationships between European Americans and Indians from 1492 to 1890 from the perspective of the Indian people.