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I loved reading this. It’s always the little things that they do for us that we have to remember.

I believe that people should appreciate the little things in life

My daughter is a celebrity but anyone who speaks with her more than 5 minutes sees that there is a lot more to her. She is smart, intuitive, principled and witty. I raised her praising her virtues, her intellect and placed a higher value on who she was rather than what she looked like. All little girls must be told they are pretty but not any more than they are told they are smart, kind, strong, imaginative, patient, giving, or whatever virtue or strength reveals itself. Until Hollywood stops flaunting anorexic, face painted, young girls with tight or short clothing being rude to adults, parents are fighting an uphill battle.

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Learning To Appreciate The Things In Life

I applaud you for taking that direction with little Maya. You’re right so many of us from an early age are taught to put beauty before brains. And even those of us blessed with both tend to forgo our intelligence in order for others to think we’re pretty. It’s a sad truth. But it is the teachings of women like you who can teach us to see where the shift needs to be made. I’m not saying to leave fashion and beauty by the wayside (people like me would be out of a job if that happened) but I am saying that the value of education should be lauded too.

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This is excellent. I don’t have kids of my own, but nieces and nephews and I am always horrified at the ways we motivate and appreciate them differently. My usual approach is activity-based; I like encouraging my nieces when they play soccer or softball or whatever, because (just like reading or puzzles) it’s an opportunity to praise their effort and achievement. Also I like to reinforce the idea that maintaining a healthy body & active lifestyle isn’t just for the sake of looks.

I loved your article. I just wish there was something similar on how to speak to little boys.

Learning to Appreciate the Little Things in Life ..

Oh and I’m not saying we shouldn’t be telling our kids (Or even other peoples kids) that they aren’t gorgeous either. But there needs to be a balance. I try with my own kids to have a balance (Even though they are only 2.5 and 1 lol) Unfortunately both are a little behind other kids in some areas as they are anemic so it can be a bit hard, and my son is also behind physically too… BUT I am always telling my daughter how clever she is when she can tell us something new in a book, or how amazing it is that she can catch a ball or kick it straight, how wonderful it is that she can hit a nail into the wall when helping her daddy out with building the shed. But I don’t automatically ask OTHER kids about things in their lives, and the first thing I tend to comment on is how gorgeous they are and then thats it.

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I have to say I am one who is guilty of this. And it is something I will have to try hard to change. Especially because it is something that hits home for me personally. When younger I was always told how pretty/gorgeous I was, how skinny I was etc, but was never told how SMART I was or how far I could go in life. As I got older my Looks became an obsession. My self esteem was pretty low (And still is) And as my looks and weight became an issue I started to get depressed, and because it was something I relied on, I fell hard.

Enjoying the Little Things in Life

men dont compliament them enough; it’s just polite, even if it’s obligatory they appreciate everything you say; just the corgiality of making our willful interactions pleasant is a gestural basis you wont find often in society; the insincerity is besides the point; if someone complimented you they endeavour to comfort the situation, which is compliament enough even if it’s clearly a mere formality; their insecurity is just another manifestation of the same vulgarity you find everywhere; which is a global ambilavence rooted in the ego; and a laziness;

Appreciating the little things in life essay

Well, I have a slightly different take on things. Growing up, I was always complimented on my intelligence and not on my looks. I grew up thinking that I was very intelligent, but not very attractive. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I realized that in fact, I am attractive on many levels. I don’t believe in empty compliments, but I do believe that we can compliment little girls and little boys on many things. Most importantly, we can compliment them on how they treat others… on kindness!!