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Eliminating the use of animals does not alter the objective of the circus in any way. Sources: Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Position Statements, Animals in Entertainment.

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Humans are the large-brained, allegedly sentient species that dominates Earth, and humans have greatly altered evolutionary processes, down to “engineering” the DNA of organisms. We have a “nature” and multi-billion year heritage, as any organism does. How much have we changed ours, and how much do our natures really matter? Can we consciously change our natures or overcome them? The nature/nurture debate is quite old, and as the domestication of plants and animals has demonstrated, or the , nurture can nature by selective breeding at the least. The , as an experiment, and the changes were dramatic. There is plenty about humanity that is nature at work, such as a child's acquisition of language or the urge to procreate (and the related ). Also, a great deal is socially learned. At least half of the variance in human traits such as intelligence and personality has been attributed to genetics, and nearly all the rest is socialization by the peer group (I believe that the , and the guiding role, but that is not scientifically demonstrable, at least today). But few of those scientific findings regarding human nature, if any of them, are relevant to why imperial "entertainment" is no longer . The improvement in standard of living due to increased energy consumption has precipitated many changes in what was once considered human "nature," such as . In a , would the dominant ideologies exalt and ?

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On the other hand, many people do not argue against animals’ performance in sports and entertainment; it is stressed that if the conditions in which animals are kept are set to the highest standards, and if activities in which they are involved to do not cause them harm, such activities could be tolerated. For example, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) does not oppose animals performing in sports, entertainment, and other potentially injuring activities, unless the Five Freedoms are put in action:

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