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It is also the setting for Tony Kushner's play,

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In “Angels in America” a gay fantasia on National themes, characters struggle to be themselves upon fear of whether or not society will accept them as an individual.

They differed from the "typical American" in language, customs, and religion.

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Welfare is actually a relatively minor expense and involves a relatively small number of people, compared to massive swindles like Social Security, Medicare, or Farm Subsidies; but Americans as a whole are particularly offended by it and are aware of the perverse incentives it creates that have resulted in the breakdown of inner city families and the spawning of several generations of sociopathic criminals and gangsters.

Third: our world, again for the first time in human history, is capable of producing all the material needs of the entire human family.

Please answer these 3 questions: Most theater productions that are done today are hybrids: they freely use elements from many kinds of theater. ANGELS IN AMERICA does that. So: describe a scene a moment or an event in this film that you feel is an example of one of each of these styles.

One of them stressing the appalling consequences of the fall of England leads us to a war of intervention.

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As Benjamin Franklin said, it was not proper to make anyone "easy in poverty." In a 1766 essay, "The Encouragement of Idleness," Franklin said:

I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means.

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American jazz, Hollywood movies, American slang, American machines and patented products, are in fact the only things that every community in the world, from Zanzibar to Hamburg, recognizes in common.

there are no angels in America.

A program which would be clearly good for America, which would make sense for America - and which at the same time might have the blessing of the Goddess of Democracy and even help somehow to fix up this bothersome matter of Dong Dang?

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Among serious Englishmen, the chief complaint against America (and incidentally their best alibi for themselves) has really amounted to this - that America has refused to rise to the opportunities of leadership in the world.

Consider this recent statement of the London Economist :

"If any permanent closer association of Britain and the United States is achieved, an island people of less than 50 millions cannot expect to be the senior partner.

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Because of this, Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927–2003), who had his moments of marvelous clarity and honesty, said that the "Social Security Trust Fund" was simply a box that, when opened, would contain nothing but a piece of paper that said, "I O U Five Trillion Dollars."Social Security is thus not insurance, but a Ponzi Scheme, in which present benefits are paid from present revenues, ultimately of the Treasury, regardless of future liabilities and promises.

which became Angels in America, at the Mark Taper Forum

And the entire world including Adolf Hitler would accept them as the gauge of this battle.

Americans have a feeling that in any collaboration with Great Britain we are somehow playing Britain's game and not our own.