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This essay looks to discuss  the works of Alvin Ailey and Christopher Bruce.

Cry creative writing of death by Alvin Ailey is comprised of a ….

Ailey has never created his own technique, but he has been teaching Dunham and Horton, and thus contributed to their preservation and continued use. He has also recognised the task of preserving the works of other choreographers, like Dunham and McKayle, and invited several choreographers to create dances for the Alvin Ailey company. In addition to his own works, of which many are being preserved for use by AAADT, this is a lasting source of inspiration and choreographic possibilities.

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The works of both Alvin Ailey and Katharine Dunham have contributed to the modern dance. Dunham's greatest contribution was opening new sources of movements, and make the audiences recognise those as traces of an advanced culture. This seems to have led to an understanding of the creative work behind the "primitive" movements, and, even though her main appeal was based on exoticism, this actually led to an acceptance of Afro-Americans as creative artists.

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The opening night of ''Cry'' was a dancer's nightmare. Ailey had given Ms. Jamison the ballet only in sections; she'd never danced it straight through. Trying on her costume for the first time at the technical rehearsal, she discovered with alarm that it had a high waist. ''I'm big breasted,'' she laughs, ''and I looked like Mt. Rushmore. Alvin knew my heart was sinking.'' So rather than do a complete run-through, she spent the afternoon trying to find a costume replacement.

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To hear Ms. Jamison explain what it takes to do ''Cry'' is to understand the dancers' apprehension. ''I choose women for the ballet who can carry its weight,'' she says. ''They must be able to fill the stage from the very beginning. They must understand their individuality and dig down deep to deliver something new to the audience. That secret self has to come out. There's no hiding place. Technically, they must be polished because the dance involves several techniques. And they must use their dignity, vulnerability and passion. They have the pressure of 'Cry's' history -- Alvin's intention and my association with it. Then, on top of everything, I'm their boss. They need strength to deal with all that.'' Smiling, she adds, ''They also must breathe.''

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This is a first-year dance history essay on Katherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey. One obvious weakness of this essay is that Dunham is covered more extensively than Ailey, but I think she is less known. The bibliography clearly shows how much of the research was done on the net ;-).

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Since the start of the Dance Company "the Dance Theater has performed for and estimated 19,000,000 people in forty-eight countries and on six continents, earning the Company a reputation as one of the most popular international ambassadors of American Culture." ( Alvin Ailey Dance Company 7).

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Ailey gave her specific images, one of them from a photograph in Life magazine of a starving woman during the famine in Biafra, with a baby in her lap, her arms outstretched, silently screaming. ''He got on the floor,'' she says, ''to show me what it should look like and told me that at that moment the audience should be shocked by the woman's pain.'' Ailey got his ideas everywhere. Ms. Jamison didn't realize until she was doing a certain movement that it was something they'd seen together on a company tour to Zaire in 1967, when young dancers from the countryside performed for them in a local bar.