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Dick’s writing often tells of worlds that are not what they seem. With A Scanner Darkly, the world remains undefined, distorted through a complicated process of filtration, and Linklater magnificently captures that undercurrent through his use of rotoscoped animation. Throughout the narrative, we remain unsure about the identity of Reeves’ character—in part, due to the setting’s massive use of surveillance technology. The protagonist is not altogether Bob, nor is he altogether Fred; he is made up of several constructs that refuse to assemble into a single, comprehensible symbol. Agent Fred watches Bob on numerous holo-scanners, which are located everywhere; every moment of every day in every location is scanned. Someone is always watching (or, that is what they want you to think). Undoubtedly, there was a time when Fred realized he was Bob, but the Substance D has destroyed his understanding of his dual roles. Now, Fred cannot fully understand or see Bob. Who is this mysterious figure? Fred wonders. Is he the mastermind behind the whole thing? When Fred looks, he watches through a filter: the scanner. He cannot see clearly because his mind has been altered. At the same time, Bob feels has an unsettled sensation that he’s being watched. Though Bob and Fred are the same person, they cannot fully understand themselves. Meanwhile, the overwhelming network of observational device only puts the truth at a greater distance.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil-  Daryl Uncle returns to Sri Lanka from Australia to investigate government corruption.

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Indeed, through the plotline of A Scanner Darkly, Dick seems to indirectly remark on the allegations that the CIA participated in the Secret War in Laos, which in turn moved commercial opiates, including heroin, into the United States. Those who wished to “play” could do so thanks to their government, and in turn, they were destroyed for it. Surely Dick’s story would anticipate accusations of CIA cocaine trafficking, specifically during the Reagan and Clinton administrations: there are questions about how closely the government has worked alongside the Mexican Cartels; how the CIA has allowed drop points at the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport; if the CIA collaborated to import cocaine and marijuana as part of the Contra war in Nicaragua; or how the CIA targeted certain demographics during the 1980s crack epidemic. As with Freck and eventually Bob, we do not judge the users in A Scanner Darkly; instead, we see them as the product of ignorance, corruption, and an irresponsible government. Dick and his Berkeley group, which one can imagine was not dissimilar from Arctor’s group, were neither victims nor criminals for their usage.

A Scanner Darkly was met with generally positive reviews.

WHY IT WONT MAKE THE LIST: On paper, Caligula sounds like a sure bet. Ere are many bad movies that get honored here, and we even have a tag called so bad it. A Scanner Darkly Essay Questions